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The Vetting Process

We are judged by the quality of our members and, therefore, it is of great importance that we work with only the highest quality advisers. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean the largest or top-ranked firm by generic ranking websites, but those who have the necessary skills to assist our users with their own specific requirements.

The process explained:

All members are subjected to a vetting process prior to formal acceptance. (This process is possible through our extensive knowledge of lawyers from around the world.) Background checks are made on every single member of the Lawyer Network, taking into consideration history, awards, references and rankings. Direct correspondence with companies, investors or other advisers in the jurisdiction allows us to assess the reputation and standing of each member in their marketplace. Regular contact with our pool of existing members enables us to keep track of our lawyers’ previous dealings from every practice area, sector and country globally. We are therefore able to gain an extensive overview of each of our members’ expertise, and the quality of work they offer in their operational jurisdiction.

The focus is on quality of expertise, and also the need for active members that take an interest in gaining work, referring work and international networking. Members therefore range from magic circle firms in each country, to boutique practitioners specializing in niche areas of law.