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The Lawyer Network is an unparalleled network of lawyers

The Lawyer Network is the next generation for finding a specialist lawyer for your global business requirements. When choosing a law firm, most businesses and their directors will have knowledge of qualified law firms to work with in their domestic markets, but will have little or no knowledge of the best firms to work with outside of their own chosen jurisdiction. The Lawyer Network alleviates this problem. The user is therefore provided with a clear and informative recommendation in each jurisdiction and sector. This structure ensures each member builds stronger and ultimately more rewarding relationships, as membership is based around their core area of interest and expertise.

What we give our members:

We don't believe one firm or individual can profess to offer the best advice or the most knowledge across all sectors or fields of advice, within any given country. Consequently, we aim to focus on practice area expertise and the jurisdiction: by bringing the best of each sector and location to the client. We are the only global network of this type.

Members therefore receive unrivalled value and exposure by being able to provide an up-to-date profile on their business services, current news and possible requirements. Our large group of advisers, each with specific expertise and knowledge, allow us to offer a network platform that provides the very best solution for the end user’s requirements.

In addition, the member has the opportunity to update their profile as required, and can submit relevant articles, opportunities / requests and news about their firm to our global users / contact book.

Each member has the ability to network, refer and work with one other. Therefore, a law firm in a chosen country may have a client that seeks advice and guidance in another country where the legal system or laws will differ. This enables our members to gain referral work / opportunities from advisers and professionals outside of their own immediate field of expertise or country. By being able to link a variety of advisers who operate in the same professional community, we create a network that offers referral work across many sectors, industries, geographical locations and service areas.


  • Focus on practice area expertise and jurisdiction. Each member is therefore featured on the Lawyer Network website and displayed in front of all our users and members worldwide as the exclusive member within their field of expertise and location. Consequently, any requests / referrals that are under their criteria will be passed directly to that network member.
  • Their own profile page, highlighting skills of the individual and of the firm. This is personalized to each client's request.
  • Upon approval of the new member, an introduction will be made to all member firms worldwide on a monthly newsletter. This will include a description of both their firm and the partner featured.
  • Our monthly members newsletter is sent not only to members but also to a database of over 50,000 contacts in the business sector, ranging from CEOs, finance directors, owner-managed businesses, private equity investors, venture capitalists and professional advisers from all over the globe.
  • Each member has their own client manager, who works with the practice to assist its development and marketing needs.
  • Newsfeed on their profile, so they can upload and publish articles, stories, awards and other information they wish to share. This is a very effective way to market firm news and updates via their profile, which is searchable through websites such as Google and can be linked through your own social networking platforms.
  • White paper section, which allows members to produce a detailed document on their chosen practice area specialism and showcase their expertise to users and potential clients. This will allow members to detail changes in legislation within their chosen specialism and showcase their market knowledge.
  • The Lawyer Network marketing literature, to include: member logo, personalized URL and promotional editorial.
  • Access to the Lawyer Network logo, which means all members can utilize the logo on their website and email signatures, showcasing this prestigious membership and signifying the access each member has to leading experts all over the world.
  • Search Engine Optimisation strategy. We invest heavily in our SEO strategy, meaning our network can be found when potential clients are seeking the guidance of lawyers through key word searching on Google and other search engine platforms.
  • Monthly member updates, which introduce all new firms to the group and provide updates on the development of the network, events and member news.
  • Events and monthly Zoom meetings, providing each of our members the opportunity to meet lawyers face to face and through video conferencing which assists in developing working relationships and client referrals. (For further information, please contact

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