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Who can vote?

The Lawyer Network Awards provide accolades to leading lawyers around the world. All active lawyers are able to nominate themselves and each nomination will be reviewed by our independent awards panel before a decision is made.

Lawyers posting self nominations must provide a full overview of their expertise and evidence surrounding the reasons why they should be considered for their chosen practice area category.

What should I include in my submission?

We have provided space for you to detail your full company name, the primary contact for the award, why you believe you would be a worthy winner of the award, key clients you have in the award area, notable work you have carried out over the past 12 months and detail surrounding your firm and the nomination.

What happens if I win?

Each category winner will be notified in writing, which then allows you to create your own publicity campaign surrounding your award success. The Lawyer Network will publish an Awards Publication, which will be distributed to our entire user base of over 50,000+ individuals around the world and will also be hosted on our website, which your firm will be offered involvement in.

The primary contact for the award notification and award category for our quick reference:

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