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News - 18 June 2012

The fifth edition of the International Arbitration Yearbook has now been released

Recognising the legal advances in arbitration matters in 37 jusrisdictions, the fifth edition of the International Arbitration Yearbook has now been released by Baker & McKenzie. It focuses on public policy and how it can be used in arbitration matters.

In today’s global economy, multinational organizations may encounter circumstances under which a party can invoke public policy to invalidate an arbitration agreement, set aside an arbitration award or defend against recognition and enforcement of that award. This information is key in negotiations concerning the seat of arbitration and when considering available venues for enforcement.

The new edition covers recent developments in national legislation and practice affecting the conduct of international arbitration, reporting on noteworthy case law in each country and focusing on current topics in arbitration. Initially developed in 2007 for the Firm’s European offices, the Yearbook has expanded to include developments in Asia, Latin America and North America, organized by country, and has become a valuable resource for clients and colleagues in the international business community.

“International arbitration directly affects the risks and challenges of doing business locally and internationally, and managing the disputes that follow,” said Grant Hanessian, co-chair of Baker & McKenzie's International Arbitration Practice Group. “We are the only law firm that has the geographic coverage and resources to publish such a comprehensive guide to provide crucial information in terms of negotiating, considering and enforcing seat of arbitration options,” added co-chair Dr. Guenter Pickrahn.