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News - 27 July 2012

The Lawyer Network is delighted to announce that Leonidas Maravelis of 'Pamboukis, Maravelis, Nikolaidis & Associates' has joined the Lawyer Network. Leonidas has joined the Lawyer Network as our exclusive Trade Law member in Greece.

We are a boutique law firm with exceptional experience and profoundness in creative problem solving and dispute resolution. Our objective is to provide our prominent clients with customised legal services of the highest quality.

Our values are our excellent know-how, our creativity and our integrity. Prevention is the core of our philosophy.

Our interactive client based relationship and the constant information supply consist the keystone of our success.

What distinguish us is our commitment to ethics, the prompt and effective rendering of legal services, our focus to the client's special needs and the provision of customized services.

We apply the best professional practices and we strictly conform to the Athens Bar Association's and European deontology rules.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Leonidas directly or with the Lawyer Network committee:

Leonidas' Profile

We welcome Leonidas to the network and look forward to working with him on future transactions.