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News - 21 September 2020

We are delighted to announce that "Martini Manna Avvocati" has joined The Lawyer Network. They have joined the network as our exclusive Copyright member in Italy.

We are a boutique law-firm offering highly specialised legal assistance in intellectual property, information technology, privacy and commercial law. We provide assistance both in non-contentious and in contentious matters, in ordinary and urgent proceedings, including cross border proceedings, or in arbitrations and procedures before independent authorities and juries.

Our lawyers have a proven background in these fields and have been recognised with numerous international awards for their achievements.

Firm mission statement

Our mission is to offer legal assistance according to the highest international standards, with a business-oriented mentality and a clear communication, with the utmost transparency and ethics and paying great attention to the client's budget.


- competence and quality: we ensure highly qualified legal assistance in our areas of specialization and we aim for excellence in every work we do;

- communication skills and business mindset: we provide easy to read, practical advice, based on a thorough knowledge of the client's market and always keeping in mind his business needs;

- speed: we provide an initial response to requests within a few hours and ensure that tasks are completed quickly;

- proactivity: we try to identify problems before they arise and we suggest ways to avoid them;

- budget: we pay great attention to respecting the client's budget;

- value: we offer reasonable rates, which correspond to the value of the work we perform without undergoing increases due to organizational costs from which the customer does not get real benefits;

- transparency: we allow customers to access online all the documents concerning their files and the timesheets that describe in detail every activity we carry out and the time dedicated to it;

- boutique: we are a boutique and client-focused law-firm providing individually tailored advice. Whilst the most complex work is done directly by partners, younger professionals contribute according to their skills and seniority. This guarantees clients to obtain the highest quality assistance for their projects and to pay lower fees for activities with lower added value;

- global: we are used to working in an international context, as half of our clients are foreigners. We work with foreign colleagues on a daily basis, typically in English but also in French and Spanish;

- technology: we use any newly available technology which may make our work more efficient and less expensive for the client.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with "Martini Manna Avvocati" via the below profile.

We welcome "Martini Manna Avvocati" to the network and look forward to working with them on future transactions.

Firm: Martini Manna Avvocati
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Copyright