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News - 24 July 2012

The Lawyer Network is delighted to announce that Ernesto R. Añasco of 'ACCRA Law' has joined the Lawyer Network. Ernesto has joined the Lawyer Network as our exclusive Labour and Employment member in the Philippines.

Mr. Añasco’s practice areas include: representation issues such as certification election, intra and inter-union disputes, voluntary arbitration, mediation and conciliation, particularly issues arising from deadlock in collective bargaining agreement negotiations and concerted actions due to unfair labor practice, claims for employee benefits and implementation of management policies.

Mr. Añasco is extensively involved in the labor aspects of mergers and acquisitions, especially on tenure, harmonizing benefits, termination of employees and successor-employer issues.

He also handles legal audits on employment contracts, including sourcing out of manpower requirements, employee manuals and other related documents and employment policies and practices. In addition, Mr. Añasco has conducted several administrative investigations involving erring employees, both executives and rank-and-file employees.

Mr. Añasco is involved in the right-sizing of workplace, sourcing out of personnel functions, illegal dismissal and labor standards cases, as well as management-labor issues concerning employment and incentives. He has likewise reviewed executive employment contracts, seconded managerial employees’ issues on compensation and benefits, and separation and retirement benefits of executives.

He also handled a number of cessations of business operations resulting in mass termination of employment. He also handles contract negotiation and review of service agreements with third-party service providers, evaluation of compliance issues regarding third-party service providers; and issues pertaining to employees displaced due to outsourcing.


Mr. Añasco obtained his Ll.B. from San Beda College in 1984 where he was awarded the Order of Kalantiao Award for placing 4th in the 1984 Philippine Bar Examinations. He completed his degree in Business Administration from the Philippine School of Business Administration and Philippine Christian University in 1980.

In 2010, Mr. Añasco became a Fellow at the Center for American and International Law in Dallas, Texas.


As a Member of the Faculty of the San Beda College of Law, Mr. Añasco taught courses in Agency, Legal Writing and Introduction to Law. As a Member of the Faculty at the San Sebastian College of Law, Mr. Añasco taught courses in Political Law, Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure.


Mr. Añasco is a member of the Manila IV Chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. In 2010, he was inducted into the ASEAN Law Association, and in 2005, the Philippine Bar Association. Since 1990, Mr. Añasco has been a member of the People Management Association of the Philippines.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Ernesto directly or with the Lawyer Network committee:

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We welcome Ernesto to the network and look forward to working with him on future transactions.