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News - 15 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Corinne Lepage of 'Huglo Lepage Avocats' has joined The Lawyer Network. Corinne has joined the network as our exclusive Environmental member in France.

Doctor of law, Corinne Lepage, because of her experience, develops a consulting activity which includes strategy and litigation. She works with both very big companies and start-up, French and foreign public entities and associations. Corinne Lepage follows the big environmental files, energy and environmental health cases. She also manages big pollution, natural and industrial disasters files. She is one of the European specialists on these topics.

Co-founder, with Christian Huglo, of the Huglo Lepage Avocats law firm in 1978, she had numerous public jobs: member of the Bar Council and Secretary of the Bar Council (1987-1990), minister of the environment (1995-1997), deputy mayor then first deputy mayor of Cabourg (1989-2001), European deputy (2009-2014).

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Corinne via the below profile.

We welcome Corinne to the network and look forward to working with him on future transactions.