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News - 04 March 2019

We are delighted to announce that Umut Güneş of 'Güneş & Güneş' has joined The Lawyer Network. Umut has joined the network as our exclusive Commercial in Turkey.

Günes & Günes was founded in 1999 by Umut Günes and Ebru Günes in the cradle of the world’s first democratic society, the ancient Lycian civilization, the roots of which go back to 200 BC; where art and culture meet natural beauty in the coastal city of Antalya, the touristic capital of Turkey.

Although being founded in Antalya, Günes & Günes provides full-service legal counsel and attorney services with its competent and specialized in their fields lawyers to the individual, national or international clients in all provinces and counties of Turkey. In this respect, in addition to our in-house team, with our partner offices across Turkey and around the world, we serve our clients in English, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Günes & Günes team handles law not only with professional concerns but with the diligence of an artist. Being a lawyer, in the simplest sense for us, is not only defending rights but also a “way of expressing our own and our clients”. This is why Günes & Günes has a team with the professionality of not the reader of the book but the writer of the book; a team that is aware of productivity and innovation, a team that continuously self-improves. It is a law firm that has adopted brand management, corporate thinking, strong not only in practice but also in academics, keeping up to date with the latest legal developments and combining this knowledge with collective experience. We aim to satisfy our clients’ needs in professional standards, promptly, properly and with fewer costs.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Umut via the below profile.

We welcome Umut to the network and look forward to working with him on future transactions.

Umut Güneş

Umut Güneş

Firm: Güneş & Güneş
Country: Turkey

Practice Area: Commercial