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Rodrigo Martins
Ronaldo Martins & Advogados
Corporate, Brazil

Rua Júlio Gonzalez, 132 - 28º - Barra Funda
São Paulo - SP, 01156-060

The same language between clients and lawyers…

Ronaldo Martins & Advogados (Law Firm) has been established from the idea that the legal services shall be provided in order to establish a common language between clients and lawyers. Such view guided concepts, structures and way of working.

One of the major challenges of the law firms is to integrate the legal services to the business development. For Ronaldo Martins & Advogados (Law Firm), the purpose was to overcome this challenge, causing the firm to be a facilitator, an instrument to add value to the results pursued by our clients.

Such vision of the offering of legal services allowed us to have an immediate identity with our clients and their legal problems, establishing partnerships, making easier the search for alternatives and allowing us to innovate, create and offer distinguished solutions.

In summary, our purpose is to contribute to increase the corporate productivity, making the legal information accessible to all levels of the company, aiming at adding value in the conduction of the clients’ businesses. The legal services shall not be considered as an end in themselves but means to achieve the final objective of every company: the profit with social responsibility.